Friday, May 05, 2006

Video Glasses for iPods, cells phones, PDAs

Mirage Innovations, an Israel-based company, has designed and engineered a compact, lightweight, cheap video display device via glasses that will work with mp3 players (Video iPods), game consoles, PDAs.

"NanoPrism technology will alter the price/performance of personal displays while solving the problems plaguing traditional personal displays, which include unacceptably large weight and form factor."

This display will use micro LCDs, LCOS, or OLEDs. From what I know about LCDs and OLEDs (I don't know enough on LCOS) OLEDs should definitely be the best technology because of its low use of power, price, brightness, viewing angle, and it is the newest technology. OLEDs also come in a different form known as FOLEDs. This stands for Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes. Basically, it is a paper-thin screen that you can bend and move. Such as this:

I don't think that this glasses technology will include FOLEDs but if it does then it will make for some pretty durable displays.

These Video Glasses will feel like watching 40-inch screen from 7 feet away which is pretty amazing. If Mirage Innovations can provide extremely good support for iPods and other portable devices than they may be able to sell this in large quantities. My question is how will it connect to these devices? Will they use bluetooth technology or hook up via wires? If it is via bluetooth or some other wireless technology than it will be feasible but if not then this thing may never get off the ground.

Also, I'm going to laugh the first time someone sues these guys for the damage to their eyes that it will cause ("Move away from the glasses son!" "Mom! I can't! I swear I really can't").


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