Sunday, May 21, 2006

iSight use: See guy who stole your MacBook (Pro)

Say your MacBook or MacBook Pro gets stolen. You are out 1-2 Gs. Sucks don't it? Well, now you can not only catch the guy who did it but also see a picture of him via iSight. Orbicule has a great security program for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. Basically, after you install it you will have an Undercover ID. Every six minutes the program Undercover will access the internet and check to see if the Undercover ID is in its database.

For example: Your brand new MacBook gets stolen. You take your Undercover ID and contact Orbicule. Then the next time your thief accesses the web so will the Undercover program. Undercover will check its database and see that your ID is in it. It will cooperate with law enforcement to get your laptop back and will also take a picture via your laptop's iSight. Furthermore, it will contact the ISP and get the identity of your thief.

If none of that works than Undercover will slowly make the display seem to be unusable. Then when the thief tries to repair it or tries to sell it the technician or buyer will be notified and you will be able to get your MacBook (Pro) back. One of the best parts is that it doesn't even take up that much memory. It only takes up about 1/2 of what a widget does.

Pretty sweet stuff. It does cost some money but it is worth it if your MacBook (Pro) is stolen.

Single user license
Covers 1 Mac
$ 29.99
Household license
Covers up to 5 Macs
$ 44
Site license
Covers up to 25 Macs
$ 199
Student license
Proof of full-time student status will be required
$ 25
Volume education license
When ordering 100 copies or more
100 copies
($ 6 / Mac)
Volume reseller license
When ordering 10 copies or more
$ 250

Check it out here.

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