Saturday, May 13, 2006

Revealed: Sony PS3 Interface

Sony PS3's interface looks much like the PSP's interface. It should do its job just like it did with the PSP. However, I think that a video game company should miniaturize an interface from the console to the portable (which makes the portable look better) rather than taking an interface from a portable and smacking it onto the console (which makes the console look worse). What I'm saying is that it seems a lazy to take an interface and put it onto a console and it indicates Sony's rush to get the PS3 out onto the shelves. They are playing catch up right now and the xbox 360 is far ahead.

I always felt that the interface on the PSP was great but now that I see it on a plasma I don't think it is made for a tv screen. I want it to use the retail space of my tv screen and not limit it and make me squint my eyes. You be the judge though when it comes out.

I found a video on YouTube showing the PS3 interface so here it is:

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