Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sony throws VAIO party and fakes Blu-Ray

Sony should have learned their lesson from E3 2005. Most people don't like it when you fake stuff and they will catch you. Sony recently threw a party celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Sony VAIO and was showing off a 17-inch flagship laptop with a Blu-Ray player which, at the time, was playing House of Flying Daggers.

Now some reporter (he deserves a raise for this) realized that they were just playing House of Flying Daggers off a regular DVD player instead of a Blu-Ray player.

Wow I really thought Sony couldn't get any lower. First, they lose the mp3 market to the iPod when they should have had it in the bag with the Walkman. Then, they pre-render gameplay footage of the PS3 in E3 2005. Next, they over-price the PS3 and it turns out the PS3's graphics will be very similar to the xbox 360's. Combined with the fact that low-end PS3 will have almost no features Sony is sure to find even more space in that hole of theirs. RIP.


Anonymous said...

You realize this was debunked, and it was a side by side comparison, right?

n3il89 said...

I think you're mistaken. It was a reporter from PC Mag that ejected the disc and realized that it was a DVD R