Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Firefox 1.5 officially released

Has many new features such as moving tabs and it loads A LOT faster then the old one. Also, the cache is a lot better and browser is much more improved. Like always click the title to get to the link.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Revolution to be unveiled: May 9, 2006

That's right folks. The Revolution with its new controller (which I think is really neat) is going to come out on May 9, 2006. This is HUGE news and especially if this means that the PS3 beats it to the market. Who knows and we'll just have to see when that time comes...

PSP Firmware V 2.6 Out. Details HERE

Adds RSS support and WMA playback. Nothing special and I DON'T recommend an update. Being able to downgrade/play homebrew is a lot better.

I just realized that this is #1 on google (subject to change of course) and we've been getting a lot of hits. So I thought that I should probably show you guys coming Google some more info. Here it is (official press release from googl):


[RSS Channel] has been added as a feature under [Network].

bullet [Volume Adjustment] has been added as an option in the
[LocationFree™ Player] control panel.

bullet [Simplified Chinese (GB18030)]* and [Traditional Chinese (Big5)] have been added as options to [Encoding] under [View] in the [Internet Browser] menu bar.

* The option has some limitations. For details, see "About the Internet Browser's Chinese fonts".

bullet Copyright-protected video data provided by a content provider or other services can now be downloaded directly to a Memory Stick Duo™ using the [Internet Browser].

For details, contact the video content provider.

Note that some content providers may charge fees for obtaining or using copyright-protected video.

Downloadable copyright-protected video may not be available in all countries and regions.


Music data in WMA (Windows Media® Audio) format can now be played under [Music]. (This applies to music saved on Memory Stick Duo™ media.)

WMA9 Professional, WMA9 Lossless and copyright-protected WMA files are not supported.

Note that you must activate the [Enable WMA Playback] setting to play music data in WMA format.


[Enable WMA Playback] has been added as a setting under
[System Settings].

A connection to the Internet is required for the one-time activation of this setting. Note that no personal information is collected during the activation process. For details, refer to the user agreement that must be accepted as part of the activation process.

By the way, currently there is NO way to downgrade to a version where you can play homebrew so please don't update to this unless you have a good reason.

Rating: 1/5

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mozilla Firefox set for PocketPCs

This new browser is called Minimo and from what I can tell it will work on Windows Mobile (PocketPcs and CE). It will have tabs etc. and is trying to take over Pocket Internet Explorer. Click the title for more info.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Google Blog Search

Did anyone else know about this? I was just searching through google and saw the ad for a Google Blog search. I thought it was pretty cool. Look up TechWrap and of course you will find our site!

Please if you own a site then please mention us because that is how Google PageRank works. The more places around the web that links to your site then the higher your PageRank.

Currently, we just got indexed for the main Google site but we have got to get to the very top.

XBOX360 freezes

ok so if you have bought the new xbox360, then you might find out that it will freeze about every 20 minutes of gameplay. Microsoft was in such a hurry to finish the new console in time for the holiday season that it has a few bugs still in the 360. Some think that the cause of the problem is from the power supply overheating. It is rumored that if you keep the power cord above the ground with some string, then the 360 won't freeze as much. Alot of people agree so if your stuck with this problem, then heres your solution!
have fun.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Microsoft Offers Free Editions of Visual Studio 2005

For any programmers out there, Microsoft has released the "Express Editions" of its Visual Studio 2005 suite for free. Yes, that's right, free, with no strings attached. Link is in the title.

In other news, Business Week has an article on how much money Microsoft is losing on each Xbox 360 and has an article on the price point and goodies with the PS3.

FreePay launches 3 new sites! Free Laptops, PS3s, and Gift Cards!

Basically, for those of you that don't already know. This company, FreePay, are the founders of the Free stuff world. It DOES work. Currently, I have received a PSP and ipod Nano (also, how I am getting the xbox 360 that we'll review).

Basically, you do an offer such as blockbuster online or something and you get some friends to do the same.

So anyways, the big news here is that they have launched a Laptops site (yay!), a PS3 site, and a gift cards site. My other site, that many of you know about (click here) is where I help people get free stuff through the use of ConGas (check out the main site on what ConGas are).

So yea here are links that you may use to get your Free Stuff!

Free Laptops!!!

Free PS3!!!

Free Gift Cards!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Play xbox 360 online WITHOUT Live

They had this same thing on the xbox and now they have got it for the xbox 360. The cool part though is that it came even before the xbox 360 is out :D. Basically, you hook it up to your router and you go through system link and start playing. It was a good idea for the xbox and it still is a good idea for the new xbox. Only problem is that it doesn't have all the benefits that xbox live does and also many people don't have headsets so it isn't as fun. Still though, this is a neat little "hack" that Team xlink was able to do, so hats off.

Top 10 most trafficked xbox 360 games

here it is the top 10 most trafficked xbox 360 games

1. Madden NFL 06
2. project gotham racing
3.kameo: Elements of power
4. Call of Duty 2
5. Need for speed Most Wanted
6. Condemned: Criminal Origins
7. Perfect Dark Zero
8. NBA 2K6
9. NBA Live 06
10. Gun

have fun.

Intel iBooks due in January of '06??

This is a little bit of a rumor going around and it sure is enticing. Basically, the rumor is that new iBooks with Intel processors will be released. The Intel Macs are slated to release in June of 2006 so this comes as a great surprise.

Still though, many analysts say that for Apple to remain competitive with the $300 Windows laptops that they need to lower the price by about $300. Intel chips should be cheaper and should allow this to happen. Only Steve Jobs knows whether this will happen or not though.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

XBOX 360 reviews so-so for now

Across the web the xbox 360 has been getting mixed reviews so far. Most seem more agitated by the steep price than anything else. Also, in my opinion the xbox 360 needs more games. It doesn't have the big blockbuster title from what I can see (should change when Halo 3 comes out). The look of the system seems to be amazing as well as the layout.

As soon as I get mine (for free!!) then I will post a real review with lots or pics and plenty of details (going to be our first official review).

On an other note, please welcome the newest TechWrap writer draconer! He wrote his first post below and I hope to see many more to come. If you want to be a writer then please contact me NOW!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Google Base Released

It's been a while since the last post, but I thought I'd mention that Google Base, which we previously covered, has been officially released. It certainly looks interesting, and we'll have to wait and see how it turns out, but knowing Google, it'll probably work.

In minor news, Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 3 was released today. Download it using the Firefox updater or get it from The Vista beta release has been postponed again, but that's hardly a surprise.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

TechWrap need writers ASAP!!

As some may have noticed the TechWrap has been lagging in Tech News. I apologize and mainly this is because I have become extremely busy lately. I'm looking for as many writers as possible. All I want is someone that knows the English language and knows the Tech World. Also, you need to be able to find out stories etc. online that are tech related.

This blogger service has a great thing where multiple accounts can publish on one site.

Email me at if you wish to join the team. No application needed or anything. But if you don't display a vast knowledge of the techworld then you are out.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

PowerBook to gain iSight, iBook to go widescreen in 2006

This is a pretty good new item from Appleinsider. I couldn't write it better myself so here it is in its entirety (i'll post pics later).

Along with its transition to Intel processors, Apple Computer in the first half of next year will introduce new eye-catching industrial designs for both of its laptop offerings, AppleInsider has learned.


Although the Mac maker has only gone on record in saying that the first Intel-based Macintosh systems are due by the middle of 2006, information passed on by extremely reliable sources indicates that the company is on track to begin introducing its first Intel machines much sooner.

With the initiation of the Intel Power Mac project last month, all five of Apple's Intel Macintosh projects are now said to be underway and moving at an exhaustive, yet fruitful pace. It should come as no surprise that Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is reportedly leading the charge, with his heart set on making 2006 the next 1984.

Without getting into specific dates at this time, sources familiar with Apple's Macintosh hardware roadmap say the company is striving to unveil a completely redesigned set of Intel iBook laptops just in time for next year's K-12 educational buying season, which takes place around April or May.

Apple currently offers iBooks with either a standard 12- or 14-inch screen, but looks poised to introduce a completely new model built around (what appears to be) a 13-inch widescreen. Whether the company will offer other iBook models or standardize around the new widescreen model remains unknown.

Expected to make its debut even earlier than the new iBooks will be Apple's first Intel-based PowerBook, sources added. The new 15-inch PowerBook will carry over many of the design elements and styles that have made its aluminum PowerBooks so successful, but will be about 20- to 25-percent thinner than today's model.

The 12-inch PowerBook is no longer on Apple's roadmap -- as reported in August -- and the new Intel-based 17-inch model is slated for release several months later.

Following a trend that began with Apple's new iMac desktops last month (and first predicted in this AppleInsider report), both the new 15- and 17-inch are scheduled to include a built-in iSight video camera. As is the case with the iMac, the cams will be centered in the PowerBook's upper display bezel. The latest version of Apple's Photo Booth application will also be included with the new PowerBooks.

As part of its transition to Intel processors, sources also recently told AppleInsider that Apple wants to be one of the first PC manufacturers out of the gate with Intel's upcoming dual-core processors.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New BlackBerry with Intel chip!

The new BlackBerry 8700c has just been introduced. It will be offered via the Cingular Wireless service for a "period of months" before being released on other services. The big news here is that it comes with an Intel processor and this should result in a faster device altogether. Also, on a side note RIM (makers of the BlackBerry) had to do this if it were to remain competitive. The Palm Treo has taken over some market space and especially since they just released a new Treo (2 months ago) that had Windows Mobile 5. Also, the BlackBerry is primarily good because of its direct email compatibility and other companies such as Palm, Nokia, and Motorola have been trying to cut in on that ground. It will be released November 21.

Google to introduce DVR??

sorry guys, i have to take this one again straight from the source. I've been really busy lately.

Google may be creating their own branded digital television DVR / satellite service. A DVR that lets you "Log In" with your Google Account before you begin your television watching would allow Google to serve up relevant ads based on: the program you are watching, your search history, the type of emails you have received in the past 24 hours (excluding spam hopefully), or anything else Google can track. Imagine the possibilities... You are watching Google Satellite TV through your "internet ready" Google DVR.