Wednesday, November 23, 2005

FreePay launches 3 new sites! Free Laptops, PS3s, and Gift Cards!

Basically, for those of you that don't already know. This company, FreePay, are the founders of the Free stuff world. It DOES work. Currently, I have received a PSP and ipod Nano (also, how I am getting the xbox 360 that we'll review).

Basically, you do an offer such as blockbuster online or something and you get some friends to do the same.

So anyways, the big news here is that they have launched a Laptops site (yay!), a PS3 site, and a gift cards site. My other site, that many of you know about (click here) is where I help people get free stuff through the use of ConGas (check out the main site on what ConGas are).

So yea here are links that you may use to get your Free Stuff!

Free Laptops!!!

Free PS3!!!

Free Gift Cards!!!