Tuesday, November 29, 2005

PSP Firmware V 2.6 Out. Details HERE

Adds RSS support and WMA playback. Nothing special and I DON'T recommend an update. Being able to downgrade/play homebrew is a lot better.

I just realized that this is #1 on google (subject to change of course) and we've been getting a lot of hits. So I thought that I should probably show you guys coming Google some more info. Here it is (official press release from googl):


[RSS Channel] has been added as a feature under [Network].

bullet [Volume Adjustment] has been added as an option in the
[LocationFree™ Player] control panel.

bullet [Simplified Chinese (GB18030)]* and [Traditional Chinese (Big5)] have been added as options to [Encoding] under [View] in the [Internet Browser] menu bar.

* The option has some limitations. For details, see "About the Internet Browser's Chinese fonts".

bullet Copyright-protected video data provided by a content provider or other services can now be downloaded directly to a Memory Stick Duo™ using the [Internet Browser].

For details, contact the video content provider.

Note that some content providers may charge fees for obtaining or using copyright-protected video.

Downloadable copyright-protected video may not be available in all countries and regions.


Music data in WMA (Windows Media® Audio) format can now be played under [Music]. (This applies to music saved on Memory Stick Duo™ media.)

WMA9 Professional, WMA9 Lossless and copyright-protected WMA files are not supported.

Note that you must activate the [Enable WMA Playback] setting to play music data in WMA format.


[Enable WMA Playback] has been added as a setting under
[System Settings].

A connection to the Internet is required for the one-time activation of this setting. Note that no personal information is collected during the activation process. For details, refer to the user agreement that must be accepted as part of the activation process.

By the way, currently there is NO way to downgrade to a version where you can play homebrew so please don't update to this unless you have a good reason.

Rating: 1/5

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