Thursday, May 04, 2006

CBS streams shows like ABC for Free

CBS is now streaming shows similar to ABC's streaming. However, CBS came up short on this one. The only true show that they have on their so called "Innertube" (sounds way too close to YouTube) is "Greek to Chic". The two other shows currently offered are "Beyond Survivor" and "Survivor Live" so Survivor nuts can get their daily dose. Also, like ABC, Innertube will be an ad-supported site without the ability to skip the ads. Maybe some of you guys and gals think different but I think the offerings seem pretty lacking. Especially the shows listed below. The other shows that will be offered later are the following (thanks to USA Today):

The slate of original programming to premiere on innertube this month will include:

GREEK TO CHIC, a college-based makeover reality series;
BBQ BILL, a scripted sketch-comedy series starring Rick Najera ("In Living Color," "Mad TV");
ANIMATE THIS!, in which celebrities narrate humorous events from their personal lives that are brought to life through animation;
Pearl Jam's exclusive "Live On Letterman" webcast concert will broadcast live on on May 4 after their appearance on the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, and will then re-stream on innertube that weekend;
BEYOND SURVIVOR, a behind-the-scenes look at how CBS's SURVIVOR is produced, including how producers come up with the weekly participant challenges; and
Existing fan-favorite talk-show SURVIVOR LIVE will continue to stream live on and be re-streamed on innertube the following day.

Additionally, several all-new original series are scheduled to debut on CBS's innertube during the summer. They include:

INTURN, in which a group of young hopefuls live together while going through "soap opera boot camp" with the ultimate goal of being cast on the CBS Daytime hit AS THE WORLD TURNS;
THE GREEN ROOM, an entertainment magazine show that takes a somewhat irreverent look at CBS programming;
HOOK ME UP, a unique twist on the online-dating world;
SHOWTIME SHORTS, a selection of quirky and comedic independent short films that aired on Showtime's pay cable service;
Repurposed episodes of FIRE ME… PLEASE, a hidden-camera reality series that first aired on CBS;
THE BEST OF HOUSE CALLS, featuring highlights from's "House Calls," the Internet talk show about BIG BROTHER, which will help viewers get re-acquainted with their favorite villains and sweethearts before this summer's BIG BROTHER: ALL STARS (working title) on CBS; and
All new, original episodes of the talk show HOUSE CALLS, which will continue to stream live on and then re-stream on innertube the following day, five days a week.

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