Friday, May 26, 2006

Apple developing new educational Mac?

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is currently developing a new educational Mac. The previous eMac was discontinued for consumers in 2005 and Apple is trying to revitalize their educational market offerings with the new Intel chips. Apple has fared well recently in the educational markets but they are facing some stiff competition from low-priced PC offerings.

AppleInsider was not able to find out whether the eMac brand will still be used. Personally, I'm at odds to whether they wish to revitalize a brand that they basically killed just a year earlier. The old eMac had the old-technology CRT monitors and Apple will be looking to the newer, better LCD displays. However, Apple is looking to keep costs down and match up with its competitors.

The eMac was originally available for education markets only but that stance changed when consumer demand was extremely high and recently changed back in 2005. It is unclear if this new Intel educational Mac will be education-only and exclude regular consumers.

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