Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Week at the Opera (v8.5)

For quite some time now, Firefox's memory problems have been itching at me. I decided that I would try a new browser and create a special segment at the TechWrap called "A Week at the Opera (v8.5).

Now as you can most likely figure out I've decided to try Opera. I've used IE before and hated my experience and plus I do not want a virus on my comp. so I chose Opera.

Each day I will detail out some of the plus and minuses of the browser. I'll try and do it for each day for one week starting today. Of course I am human so if I miss a day because of conflicts then of course I will make those days up so in total there will be 7 posts for this segment.

Day 1:

Just downloaded and I immediately recognize the nice interface. Very clean and it is definitely different than both IE and Firefox. When you click the address bar a panel appears below it and has:
  1. Home
  2. Top 10
There are some great features in Opera that I have discovered today such as the zoom feature. Although, I will probably never use it, it seems decent.

Also, last thing that I've noticed for the day is that it has this extremely annoying feature where it caches the page. Sounds good except for when you load it up and you get the exact same home page (mine is Yahoo) that you get from the day before when it should change. Then you have to click the home button again for it to reload.

Also, my internet timed out while using Opera but it took me forever to notice because it continued to show me the same page over again that I visited maybe an hour or two ago.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I cannot even post this from Opera because it does not have all the features therefore I have to use Firefox.


Anonymous said...


Try Tools / Preferences / Advanced / History. Set "Check documents" to "Always" there.

What are your problems with Blogger? Maybe you could search Opera's forums for a solution...?

n3il89 said...

Yea I've tried that. Does not seem to be working.

At the end of this series I will make a final decision on my browser and if I pick Opera then I will go to the forums like you suggested. Thank you

Anonymous said...

It might be good to know, that the next version of Opera will support some new technologies. Such as Rich Text Editing, which will make it possible for blogger.com to offer an wysiwyg editor for blogging to Opera users. And there wil be lots of updates to the user interface as well - I predict that some annoyances you'll discover have already been fixed in Opera 9 :)

Nevertheless, it will be very interesting to see how your week develops.

n3il89 said...

do you know when that will be coming out?

also, are you the same anonymous from before?

Anonymous said...

I'm not the same anonymous guy as the others, but I found your story using Google's blog search :)

No one knows when Opera 9 will be out, but you can download a preview (pre-beta) version if you want to give it a go:


Anonymous said...