Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Week at the Opera Part II

Here is part II of the 7-part segment known as "A week at the Opera" which details a young man's struggles to fit into a "Be a Man!" society...Err...Not. Actually this details a week long look at the Opera Browser in comparison to Firefox.

Today I open up Firefox and I begin to use the Wand feature. Basically it is the Remember your Password feature in Firefox. The only difference is that all you have to do is hit Ctl+Enter and it enters in your info and it logs in for you. In Firefox if you "remembered" a password then it automatically shows it which I think can pose a security risk for Big Brother.

Most people aren't familiar with the Opera Browser so they would not even know this command so they couldn't "hack" into your accounts.

However what I have noticed is that Opera seems to be a little slower when it comes to loading up pages. It does an excellent job but even this site, the TechWrap, takes some time to load because of all the pictures even though I have DSL.

The biggest thing is that Opera relies very heavily upon loading sites that you visit regularly. That is all well and good but it doesn't help you when you are loading a site you have never seen before for the first time. In this area, Firefox is superbly better. Of course I'm not running any benchmarks over here but I'm pretty sure many would agree.


Anonymous said...

Instead of hitting Ctrl+Enter, you can also hit the Magic Wand button on the toolbar. The one that lights up when it can fill in passwords for you.

n3il89 said...

yea i noticed thanks

i just like quick keyboard shortcuts more than using my mouse.

i'm just lazy. haha