Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Week at the Opera Part V

Ladies and Gentleman of the jury I stand here before you today....Ok not there just yet but almost.

Today I noticed a cool little feature in Opera that enables voice commands. It works pretty well although with almost all voice commands you have to master what to say before you say it otherwise you look like an idiot talking to your computer. Been there.

Although it is a slow technology in general and really is not good for anyone except for the disabled it is a great attempt at Opera. It isn't built for everyday use but could be something to show off to your friends.

This is all that I could find that was new with the browser for today and I must admit it is pretty cool. I think it is a great attempt and definitely no other browser that I know has it. Hats off and three cheers for Opera.


Anonymous said...

It's also fun to get the browser to read to you.

n3il89 said...

yea it is

pretty cool tool

(didn't mean to rhyme but o well)