Thursday, February 23, 2006

iTablet: Death to Apple?

Ladies and Gentleman, I am just here to lay the facts on the table. Please understand that I am a die-hard Apple fan and would hate to see anything bad happen to it which is why I am writing this.

Brief Background: Rumors have been going around stating that there will be an Apple Tablet Mac built on the basis of the Tablet PC that will be released sometime soon (Feb. 28th?). This device has been coined the iTablet by many among the World Wide Web.

An introduction of the iTablet, would in fact, be a complete and utter mistake on Apple's part. First, I would like to point out that this would delay the progress of the rest of the Intel line. Furthermore, the only reason I see Steve Jobs doing this is for some rise in the stock. However, this would in fact deplete the stock. The ordinary business man or woman to whom it is targeted has clearly stated through sales that there is no need for it in the workplace.

The Tablet PC has been around for about three years and probably even longer than that. It has been an utter disaster. The innovation it presents is like a new gadget that just adds one more functionality to it. Basically, it is the same product but just with a little difference that makes the price rocket. Also, this difference is clearly not great enough to get anyone to actually buy one.

The Tablet PC reminds me of some new toy that you oogle and ahh at, but when you get it and get past the state of excitement, then it just tanks for you and you find it in a drawer someday among a pile of old gum.

Macs are not a workplace type of computer. Apple is known for being "on the edge." Apple is not used at the office and even though it can, it isn't designed to be. Instead it is meant to be the media hub of your life.

An iTablet has no basis for being in the Apple family. Just imagining it just reminds me of the cousin that just does not seem to fit.

Apple will not be able to bring innovation to this product. They may add some new features and cool things such as maybe video chat on the go. But do you really want to be walking around in your house holding a conversation while constantly looking down? Also, would you want your chats to be broadcasted to the world? Where anyone within an earshot can here?

The Tablet PC is an innovative, but not practical device. All the innovation has already been sucked out of the iTablet and I cannot imagine anything different out of it even if it is Apple.

Apple has an enormous following and most likely many will go out and buy such a device if it were to come out. However, Apple will not receive the greatest reviews, especially not from this writer. Apple's reputation will tarnish, possibly ruining all of their other products' reputations as well.

Please Apple, concentrate on what matters. Concentrate on the switch to Intel. Concentrate on a real video iPod. Concentrate on increasing your market share. Concentrate on providing better support for games. Concentrate on addressing all the security needs in x86 OS X. Concentrate on other things. DON'T concentrate on boosting revenues a little bit to please investors. DON'T concentrate on trying something new during a time that could change Apple's history forever. Don't, just don't, try something that hasn't worked in the past and most likely never will...

*Disclaimer: If Apple does come out with some freaking crazy innovative Mac with Tablet capabilities that just looks so much better than a laptop THEN I will change my mind. After like I said, I do love Apple. :D

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