Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Week at the Opera Part IV

I have an addiction. Acceptance is the first part. I am addicted to Firefox. I have been on it for about 2 years and have never been able to quit. This series details one man's journey through his withdrawal from Firefox and its withdrawal symptons in the experimentation with Opera.

Ever since the first day I've been wanting, no pleading, to get my Ctl+T back. I need it to create a new tab. I HAVE to have it. It makes life quick, simple, short (not a good adj. for life).

Before I talk about the tab I just would like to say that Opera does have an extensive library of keyboard shortcuts. It's got a bigger library of shortcuts than songs in my iTunes library. You've got your Ctl+F11's, your Ctl+C's, your ESPN's, your CNN's. Get the point? There are a ton of shortcuts in Opera which is definitely a great plus.

There I was today pressing Ctl+T about 12 times. I decided to do something about it. I dove into the vast world of preferences and dug into "advanced." I zapped shortcuts and got on me merry way. There I hit edit and I came face to face with the beast himself. The shortcuts library. Dun, Du, Dun Dun Dunhhhh.

I search and scoured for the tab shortcut but I could not find it. I looked and looked to no avail. There the journey ended and there I lay. Lost in the remains of my poor soul, I was a stranger in a world full of shortcuts. My charred remains were blown away with the stingy winter breeze.

So basically, I'm stuck doing the double click thing. :D


Anonymous said...

Ever tried the menu? 'File > New page' shows the shortcut you can use right away: Ctrl+N. Which makes perfect sense...
Once you know the shortcut, it should be a piece of cake to delve into preferences again and find it there, to change it to Ctrl+T.

If even Firefox users (smart enough to have changed their browser once) have trouble figuring this out, think about the masses that will be auto-updated to IE7 in the future. So Opera has caved in after 10 years of Ctrl+N, forsaking the love of old-time Opera users, and will change to use Ctrl+T in Opera 9.

Yes, same anonymous.

Anonymous said...

In the keyboard shortcuts editor, type in "new page" in the search field, and the shortcut will appear, and then you can edit it to Ctrl-T.