Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sony release PSP firmware v2.50

Here are the features:


* [LocationFree Player] has been added as a feature under [Network].

* [Auto-Select] and [Unicode (UTF-8)] have been added as options to [Encoding] under [View] in the [Internet Browser] menu bar.
* [Text Size] and [Display Mode] settings of the [Internet Browser] can now be saved.
* The input history of online forms accessed through the [Internet Browser] can now be saved.
* Copyright-protected video can now be played under [Video]. (This applies to video data saved on Memory Stick.)
* [Set via Internet] has been added as an option to [Date & Time Settings] under [Settings]
* WPA-PSK (AES) has been added as a security method under [Network Settings].
* Korean input mode has been added to the on-screen keyboard.

For those of you that don't know location free is this thing where you can send you videos and tv feed and now watch them on your PSP (this requires a LocationFree base station. sold seperately)

Rating: 1/5 Useless update unless you have LocationFree. Don't update otherwise you can't downgrade and run homebrew.


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free ipod nano said...

yup, useless upgrade. they're just trying to fight the ppl who mod the psp, but we all know who is better ;)

n3il89 said...

hey free ipod nano, yea homebrew is really good and plus they better come out with something awesome if they want to make me upgrade.

i see you've posted on multiple articles, if u want u can add us to your RSS feed (with mozilla it is the live bookmark option)