Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Hotmail Kahuna Beta

Hotmail has now followed Yahoo in introducing a new Hotmail (beta) version. This is code-named Kahuna. It seems decent. Its got the Outlook feel if you like that sorta thing then good for you. One major issue I have with it is that it is ONLY for IE 5.5 or better (will work for lower IEs but won't have full functionality). I use Firefox exclusively which I believe everyone should. Also, it excludes Opera support. I personally only think that Yahoo and Hotmail are trying to catch up with Google and just trying to "rethink" (yea right) web-based email. Again, please get Gmail because it is a lot better and works on all browsers. I'll try and post some pics of Kahuna in comments if I can. If not then use Google (another thing yahoo and Microsoft are trying to beat google at and won't)

Rating: Haven't been able to get my hands on the beta yet


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