Monday, October 10, 2005

Microsoft copies Google Earth

This is what Microsoft is good at. They take products (i.e Apple's original computer software) and improve upon them with lack of innovation and ingenuity. Microsoft sux because of this. Microsoft has just released MSN Virtual Earth beta (stealing Google's idea of calling everything beta no matter what. It seems like everyone is doing this nowadays) which provides satellite images that you can show off to your non-techie friends. Basically, it is Google Earth but falls short. Even Microsoft of all companies are getting bad at imitation. Makes you think whether they should come up with some innovation or sumtin.

If you wanna check it out then just google it or MSNit (you know there was a memo on getting this phrase out) because I'm not gonna advertise for such a shit*y company.

Rating: 3/5 Some interesting features but nothing I haven't seen before.

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Rasputinj said...

The MSN version is Google earth shows older sat pictures about 3 years older in the areas I have looked at. Google Earth also seems faster Deal and Coupon Svegnali