Friday, October 28, 2005

Microsoft Office Online??

Here is what the article that I read said:

Microsoft is leaping into hosted applications big time. InformationWeek reports that Microsoft plans to offer hosted implementations of SharePoint, CRM and ERP applications. But the best quote in that article was left till last. A "Microsoft insider" was asked which other products and services Microsoft would host and the reply was: "Everything. Hosted Office. Everything hosted."

Ahem, can anyone say Web 2.0 Office? Exactly a month ago I wrote what turned out to be a very popular post entitled The Web-based Office will have its day. My main focus in that post was all of the small start-ups that are currently building web-based office apps. I forgot to mention that of course there's nothing stopping Microsoft from building their own Web 2.0 Office! Perhaps that's their only option to head off Google, because Google Office has been rumored to be around the corner for 1-2 years now.

I have NO idea if this is true (click the title of this article to go to the full copy and you can decide for yourself). I really don't like the idea of a web-based Office. I think you should be able to choose between software and web.

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They're probably following Google's use of making good use of AJAX (which for you who don't know is used in Gmail to make everything dynamic)