Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google RSS Reader

Google has come out with a new RSS reader which seems all well and good but I don't see how google expects to make money off these products. Maybe it's just something they came up with in their free time but I just would like to say that Google Talk sux. I use it occasionally because I like to "call" some of my friends in Texas, where I used to live

Now in my opinion, Google is a great company and I'm not jumping ship any time soon. Google Talk is probably the first Google program that has disappointed me and I wish they would stop coming out with other products (that not many will use) until they improve the one that seems like a half-assed job (seriously, google couldn't even come up w/ their own. Had to use Jabber).

Rating: 4/5 Good reader just wish it was a stand alone reader.

1 comment:

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