Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mac vs. PC Ad Spoof

I completely disagree with this spoof but hey it's in the name of fun (i think). Click the pic for a better view.

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Webster Phreaky said...

Yeah, you Apple Kool Aid Drinker Mac Droids would likely "disagree with this spoof", why not!? After all you live in a fantasyland of denial anyways .... pretending to yourselves that Apple makes wonderful computers, writes great software and every new issuance of OS X is so friggin perfect ...

Well get your head out of your asses little Mac Droids, Apple hasn't manufactured ANY HARDWARE since the last "assenbly plant" outside of Sacramento was cloased in 1997. Apple has NEVER made ANY of their portables, at first they were made by IBM/Sony in Japan, then off to Taiwan and Korea ... now Commie Chinese sweatshops.

iMacs from the very beginning were made in Korea - Hyundai to be specific, the same folks that began eMachines, lovely eh?

OS X is just another UNIX knock off and a poor one at that because UNIX, BSD or Linux doesn't have a Spinning Beach Ball that spins n spins n spins n spins EVERYTIME you do ANYTHING on a Mac!

Apple had to BUY Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro too, same for Apple Works from Claris and Apple STOLE Widgets from Konfabulator .... innovator, naw THIEF is more appropriate.

Yeah Mac Droids and Apple Kool Aid Drinkers are JUST LIKE the loser in this ad, every single one of you arrogant 'tards.