Sunday, June 04, 2006

2000s: Decade of the Cult

I usually don't get that editorial but this time I will. It seems to me that cults are springing up left and right in mainstream America. This decade more than any other is the Decade of the Cult. There are cults for Apple, Microsoft, Whole Foods (yes whole foods), Starbucks, anything open source, Google, Yahoo, Digg, anything video game, and even IKEA. These are just some to name a few. Never before have people idolized companies as much as they do now. Mostly it is due to the Internet. The internet gives you the latest ins and outs of every company, strategy, move made, acquisition, and even celebriticizes CEOs. Big brand name companies have ideologies now that CEOs say is their way of life (just listen to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey).

Fanboys are everywhere on the web hiding in forums and comment pages. I like Apple and anything Apple-related (well almost). It's because they make great products that are useful to me. However, contrary to what I like, I do not preach sermons on the 1-button mouse or believe in using only Apple software. I am not a part of the Apple cult. I am not a fanboy. I like Apple but I do not love them.

It seems to me that one cannot even make a remark about one of the aforementioned companies without being bashed at. I've read so many comments (too many) that seem so polarized. I've read forum topics that make it seem like someone would die for that company. I will be honest; I have been bashed a few times over my views on a certain product. It has not happened recently because I feel that I have to restrict myself before I get into a huge debate over one thing or the other that wastes an hour of my day.

Fanboys and cult members should be banished off the face of the Earth. It seems that the fanboys and cult members are everywhere nowadays and cannot be put away.

The reason I am writing this is to try and influence some readers out there as to what you may say and how you are thinking. I beg and plead that you do not become a part of one of the main cults. Don't try and be ideologically sound with the company you adore. Be open to other solutions and other ideas. Be open to different products and don't care so much about the brand that it is. If it is good than buy it and if it isn't than don't. Don't be one of those people that buys anything that comes out of a companies' ass.

If you were to ask me if I liked Windows about 5 years ago I would have said yes. Now, I have looked at other options, even experimented with Linux and if you were to ask me the same questions I would say no in a heartbeat. Be open to change and don't be a fanboy. Don't be an over-obsessive person and part of a cult.

Be human.

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