Monday, June 12, 2006

I Got A Free XBOX 360! 100% FREE

Yes it is true. I did get a free Xbox 360. The trick is this company called FreePay. All you have to do is a simple offer like Blockbuster Online and then refer some friends to do the same. For the Xbox 360 I had to refer 8 friends and once I did I was able to get a Free Xbox 360 and they shipped it to me free. If you would like an Xbox 360 then go here. Right now I am trying to get a Free iPod Video. Go here if you would like one. I only need one more referral to get a Free iPod Video so I'm pretty excited. Jump on the bus while you can and get your free Video iPod. Also, I'm doing another site for a free MacBook. Check it out here if you want to do it. Here are some proof pics:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You did a very good job.

You have to consider the low signup rate for Freepay. Only every 20th person who signs up using your referral link accepts one of Freepay's offers and becomes green in your account. I have for instance for the laptop a signup rate of 5,39 per cent. 538 people signed up and 29 accepted an offer for the laptop until now. You can see it at:

For the iPod I have a signup rate of 4,10 per cent. 195 people signed up and 8 accepted an offer. At least I could order my laptop and the iPod already. But now I am afraid they take away referrals claiming their offers were completed incorrectly.

It's a hard job. But it is possible to make it.

Anonymous said...