Friday, January 13, 2006

Why are blogs so successful?

If you have even checked out the Internet lately most sites are versions of some types of blogs. Why are blogs so successful? Is it because people just want a voice? Is it because almost anyone can do it?

When I originally came up with the TechWrap, I wondered which route I should take. For me it was a no brainer. It was a blog that looked good, had the great blog feel, and something that I could edit and change how I pleased with it all being free.

Now of course there are all different types of blogs out there. Some are just personal ones while others are high end sites. Many are subdomains of blogger services while others opt to just buy a domain (I'm tryhing to get us one soon. No details yet on when). No matter the blog though what really matters is the content.

This is most likely the first and most important way that they have become so successful. Bloggers have the ability to be anyone. That means that the variety of content is vast and ever expanding. Bloggers have a knack for being one of the first with the news that takes most news outlets forever to release. Usually one of the first news breaks are from some blogger out there in the blogosphere that happens to have an inside source. Then everyone latches on and it spreads like wildfire after that. The first one to break the Dan Rather memo mishap was a blogger that took notice.

Blogs have a community in and of itself. Blogs bridge the gap between forums and regular sites. On forums anyone can speak up but somewhere along the line something gets lost. On the big sites such as Yahoo your news is there but you don't have a voice. In a blog though it allows comments and feedback to the system. It changes the way the internet is run.

Even major news sites ( now have comments for their articles. It seems as if the future of websites are going to include some type of a blog.

Blogs though represent something more though. Blogs represent anyone having the ability to have a voice in the vast internet. It gives one tiny glimmer to the little guy. It seems cliche but really blogs provide an outlet for anyone to express their views and opinions.

It is because of this fact in and of itself that blogs have become what they are today and I expect to gain even more ground in the future.

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