Monday, January 02, 2006

Revolutionary Highlights

Alright well I haven't posted much so I've decided to bring you a few highlights about the Revolution!
  • Satoru Iwata says Nintendo's next-generation console will be priced below $299.99!! This is a nice deal considering the XBOX's prices.
  • The Title "Revolution" is just the codename of the successor of Nintendos Gamecube, and not in fact its final name. I kind of like the name Revolution. But you never know, Nintendo said the same thing about the DS but it ended up being the final name.
  • Nintendo Execs also say they are "not interested in engaging a technical battle with Sony and Microsoft"
  • Also, the Revolution will have 12-inch disks, 512MB flash memory, two USB 2.0 ports, and Wi-Fi connection (awesome!). Although Iwata won't release full technical specs(saying that they are not important) a few people have a list of some of the revelutions abilities here.
  • Nintendo has also reveiled the revolution will be backwards compatible with the GameCube, which i personally think is AWESOME!!!!
  • The revolution WILL be able to play DVD movies, W00t.
  • Iwata stresses that the Revolution will bring a revolution to video gaming. He believes that technology alone cannot advance videogames. The ability to download the best NES games, S-NES games, and N64 games is one example of this. Another is the use of motion sensor technology to be able to move things in the game by moving an input device outside of the game.

  • You not only need a TV to play the Revolution. It will also be able to hook up to a computer monitor.
  • One upset is that the Revolution will not be able to support high definition. One key goal Nintendo has for the Revolution is to make it a small quiet and affordable gaming system.
  • A third Super Smash Bros is being readied for launch. In this one you will be able to play through WI-FI against other gamers. Along with that, other Mario and Zelda titles are being made. Also a Metroid Prime 3 is being made, along with an Animal Crossing sequel. Although not much is known about it, except it will interact wirelessly with the DS. Nintendo will also bring a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals to the Revolution.
Thes are only the highlights of a killer 8 page review by ign. you can see it here.


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