Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Google Video Store Verdict: Not so hot

For those of you that don't know, Google has unveiled a new video store. Bryan, one of our writers, previously posted about it and showed us what's in store (pun intended :D). Many reviews across the web have said it is mediocre at best and certainly won't take down iTunes any time soon. It seems that since Google Talk, Google hasn't really released anything that has truly made a difference and certainly hasn't been innovating. Google Reader is ok but you can easily find better options. Same with almost everything else they have revealed lately.

Google has been known for being THE option and they certainly haven't fit the bill as of late. Speaking of bills, investors should stay tuned to this lack of innovation especially when Google's stock is at $471.63 (as of today).

Of course, Google can't come up with something well, Google search like, for every product. They can't make a gmail product for a RSS reader. But in some instances they could have easily tried harder and I expect Google to rise to the challenge.

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