Wednesday, December 21, 2005

VoIP Pay-Per-Call with Google Talk

As Google releases the Libjingle API suite, ADS-click, provider of private-labeled advertising solutions, announces it will expand its pay-per-call solution SKY-click to use Google Talk.

ADS-click will use Google's Libjingle API to expand its voice over IP solution SKY-click to Google Talk. SKY-click is a technology that already interacts with Skype to provide with private-labeled VOIP click-to-call contextual and search advertising.

ADS-click will also release a 100% VOIP Skype and Google Talk call center during first quarter 2006. It will feature full call center capabilities, such as operator settings, language management, call history and integration with Customer Relationships Management systems. This call center will allow big and small companies to provide customers with live sales, support and training using video, voice and text messaging. ( )

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