Sunday, December 11, 2005

TechWrap podcast coming soon....

A TechWrap podcast will be coming soon!! For the first episode I just did a little bit about each article. Basically, from here on out though I will be making one FOR EACH of the articles and you can hear my voice, my opinions, and just basic in depth nature about EVERYTHING in the Tech World!!!!

After we get some reviews going I will be sure to add those as well!

It will be on Yahoo, iTunes, and ODEO (possibly this one, not sure yet). Also, beyond all this I will be sure to provide the basic feed link for anyone that has a podcast program beyond what is already named.

Stay tuned guys!!!

1 comment:

Luke said...

Alright Neil that is a big step. I have a mic too so anytime you need help let me know. If there was some way to have a convo and record it...I think trillian might let us...whatever...I am looking forward to it.