Monday, December 19, 2005

TechWrap looking for MORE writers!! Pay possibly

Currently, we have 4 writers, myself included. This is all well and good but I want the TechWrap to be a well-oiled efficient machine that can do everything!

So I have revamped my efforts and have introduced a new part of this equation.

Once the site becomes big enough and revenue starts drawing in then I will pay writers. That is correct folks I will be PAYING writers.

Conditions for payment:

1. Payment is based on the number of articles that you post
2. There will be a limit to the number of article per week that you can get paid for.
3. If I have to ever edit something on the post such as a picture (a couple of grammar miscues is ok but not too many) then you will not receive payment for the article.

All of this is based on when the TechWrap starts drawing in a ton of readers and creates a substantial revenue.

Oh, also one more condition. If you join the team now then your pay will be greater per post than someone that joins up after the payment begins. Most likely it will be 2x greater!


Luke said...

Yeehaa Thats wonderful news :)


D Law said...

I would be glad to help you out. Great blog, and I would love to help make it better.

D Law said...

my email is
If you could, email me some info!
D Law

bvdman89 said...

Hey I want to do it too. My email is I can also make a really cool logo.

g4m3fr34k said...

yay this is awesome lol looks like 2 more writers hopefully more people visit the site!