Wednesday, December 14, 2005

300,000 XBOX 360s to come to U.S. in next week!!

That's right folks the X360 is coming to the U.S. again. About 300,000 of them. All within the next week. Need I say more??

Ok I will, basically this is about the same number that was available here for the launch so this is great for all the people that have been waiting forever for new shipments (includes me).

Also, another thing expected is for video game publishers are expected to slash prices/have sales so that they can get games moving more. So just wait for the sale until you get the game you are dying for.

Microsoft is aiming to sell 2.75-3 million Xbox 360s in the first 90 days of its release and supposedly they are "on track." We'll see...

(*Note: Pic is Peter Moore handing a Japanese woman an xbox 360)

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