Tuesday, December 06, 2005

NBC, SciFi, and USA hop onto iTunes, ESPN next?

Basically folks, NBC, SciFi, and USA are now offering some programs on iTunes (check pic for some shows from NBC). Shows that I know of will include the Office and the tonight and late night shows with Jay Leno and Connan O'Brien repectively.

This hopefully means that more and more channels will be providing content. FOX has recently said that they are open to talks about such a thing and I think this will help push it along. Furthermore, the ESPN CEO (whats his name) has said that he would "mull" over such an idea about adding content onto iTunes.

I think this will get the ball rolling even more and may eventually lead to a REAL video iPod. :D

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Luke said...

:) I have the "real Video Ipod" and it is amazing.