Wednesday, December 28, 2005

DivX Browser Plug-In: Must-Have!!

DivX has just released a beta of a browser plug-in for the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer (5.0 and above)
  • Firefox (1.0 and above)
  • Mozilla (1.7 and above)
  • Netscape (8.0 and above)
Mac OS X and Linux versions are "just around the corner."

Download: Click Here

After you have downloaded:


  • Playback DivX AVI files (DivX 5/6 video + MP3 audio) stored on a regular webserver live in your browser
  • Save files to to disk so that you can replay them later with the free DivX Player
  • Monitor your connection speed and the download buffer during playback
  • Watch video in windowed mode or blow it up to fullscreen
  • Seek and trick play into the download buffer
  • Change preferences for the download behavior
  • Check for updates and instantly update the plug-in (with prompting)
  • Awesome™ playback performance
*All downloads etc. brought to you by DivX. TechWrap takes NO claims to any of these downloads just because they are on this site.

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