Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Win XP on a Mac

Alright folks it has been done. Windows XP is now on a Mac. Of course not officially but with a great little tutorial you can do it. The link is here.

The coders narf and blanka were the ones that came up with the solution and basically you have to make a custom XP install disc and then you have to repartition your Mac and put XP on the other half of your hard drive. The tricky part is that XP does not run on EFI. It runs on BIOS which basically complicates the whole thing.

The whole process is about 95% automated but do not try it if you have n00b in blood because you will fail and screw up your Mac.

You will need Windows XP to create the install disc and also the current solution is in beta right now so there are still a lot of kinks to work out. Also, there aren't a lot of drivers but there has been a huge community that has sprung up so hopefully it will get done soon.

Finally though, you can put XP on a Mac! Hip Hip Hooray for narf and blanka


veridicus said...

I feel very bad for any Macs getting such poor treatment.

n3il89 said...

Do you mean Macs that get poor treatment are Macs that have XP on them because XP is terrible or do you mean something else?

The only thing that I would see that would be useful is just gaming and other things you can do on windows but not a Mac.

Other then that, yea I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

This is the moment I've been waiting for! I love Apple's fine product design, MacOS is cute, but to meet my needs, seems that the raw looking XP serves me better. I've been dreaming of such day to boot XP on Powerbook, the day has finally come! BRAVO dudes!