Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Google Finance up for Trading

Google Finance is now officially open. Of course, like with all new Google services, it is in beta. The first thing that you notice is how god-awfully bland the front page is. Yahoo's Finance page has a spectacular front Finance page in comparison to Google Finance.

Like that old 90's Toyota Camry, the exterior isn't great but under the hood it's pretty dang nice.

First, what I noticed is that you don't have to go through the horrible symbol lookup that you have to with some other Finance sites. Basically, if you type in Google you get Google. If you type in Apple you get Apple without having to know the GOOG or AAPL.

Also, there is built-in AJAX into this thing which is just wonderful. You can scroll around the stock's history without having to constantly upload etc. Basically, it has the scroll that you get from Google Maps for the stock's history.

Also, it has got some nice peek-a-boo links. Of course that is not the Tech term for it but it is just what I like to call them. When you scroll over certain links such as the company leaders then you get a little extra info peeking out.

Overall it is a good product and I personally am going to switch to it and I give it my thumbs up.

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