Monday, April 24, 2006

PSP Firmware v2.7 released

Sony has just released a Japanese Firmware update for the PSP (v2.7). *Click title for translation of Sony Japanese website. Note that this update is a Japanese release. Even though the PSP is not region specific (so basically you could download this update) it will possibly void your warranty. When 2.0 came out I was one of the ones that got the Japanese update and it worked fine. Also, 2.7 will prohibit homebrew apps so I suggest not updating unless you already have a version that doesn't support homebrew.

The features:


Internet Browser now supports Macromedia Flash contents playback.
*You need to enable the Flash contents playback in the System Settings.
*The version of the flash player is Macromedia Flash Player 6 (a part of the functions is not supported).
The settings of the Internet Browser is added into Settings -> Connection Settings
The audio contents from channels in the RSS Channel section now can be saved into your memory stick.
Auto option added to Rate Change in Location Free Player.


Added file extension to playable AAC format.


Added Enable Flash Player in System Settings.
*To change this option, you need to connect to the internet.
"Simplified Chinese" and "Traditional Chinese" added to System Settings-> System Language.
Added RSS Channel Settings.
Added UMD Video L & R Button into Video Settings.


Fixed some issues when using a memory stick with more than 2GB free space.

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