Monday, April 10, 2006

Autopatcher for Windows

Autopatcher is a comprehensive collection of up-to-date security patches, addons and registry tweaks collated into a single package designed to update a Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows 2003 SP1 system, without the need to use Microsoft Windows Update or connect to a network every time the Administrator needs to update using service packs. Autopatcher is designed for users that format their hard disks frequently or system administrators that want to deploy updates to multiple Windows PCs. Autopatcher supports burning to CD and DVD, or running from the Network or Local Hard Disk.

Autopatcher is updated every month after Microsoft's 'Patch Tuesday'. Three 'release types' are available; full and lite releases both contain critical, recommended and component updates, commonly used applications such as SunJava, and registry tweaks, with the lite release containing less extra applications than the full release. Update releases are for updating previous months releases with the latest copies of files found in the latest full/lite releases, these smaller downloads save a lot of bandwidth and time for everyone.

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