Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google did it again!

As the years go on, Google is getting better and better. From their amazing breakthrough Google search engine to their sweet Google drinks, they have now added some awesome features to their video site. Here are some of the cool new features:

1. You can now purchase videos from CBS, ABC, and even an average Joe.
2. Videos can be downloaded in the format suitable for your Windows/Mac, your Video iPod, or even your Sony PSP.
3. To play these new videos on your computer, you get the Google Video Player which plays in great quality. And it's free! (Pictured above)
4. Any videos that can be found on Google Video can be found on your personal site. They give you a customized html code for any video!

These are just some of the features that Google Video has to offer. And yes, there's still an UNLIMITED amount of space to upload your videos.

Click the title to visit Google Video to find out more!

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