Sunday, January 08, 2006

DVD to iPod

After recieving my new 5G ipod I was extremely frustrated that Apple had not given me a way to take my DVDs, that i had bought legally, and put them on my new iPod. Well, after searching for some time, I found that this is the best solution to my problems. (Click on title) There are some bug in the process but its pretty straight forward. Although its not the easiest solution, it sure is the cheapest!

Cost: $0
Time: 30 mins or up depending on movie length


n3il89 said...

dude thanks a bunch. I was going to look for one when I get my new iPod. You just saved me a ton of time. Good find.

Bryan said...

Once you click the title where do you download it? I heard it can't be downloaded anymore. I got this program from someone and it's great!

Bryan said...

anyone know?

Luke said...

I use the xilisoft software for my ipod. This on in particular It is easy and works great.