Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dell to use AMD chips?

Dell, long known for selling computers containing only Intel CPUs, will likely begin making PCs with processors from AMD, says a major analyst. Since AMD's virtual takeover of the desktop performance and gaming market from Intel, many rumors have circulated about Dell making a new line of computers with the new processors, but all these rumors have been false. Now a number of factors seem to indicate that Dell is ready to adopt AMD's chips, which would be a boost to both companies. Dell has been losing some of its high-end gaming customers to custom-built PCs, and this could bring some of those back. AMD would see a much greater gain with the backing of one of the largest computer corporations.
Dell has recently started to sell individual AMD processors on its website, but not in its computers. This prospective change, if it occurs, will probably happen within the next year.

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