Sunday, November 20, 2005

Top 10 most trafficked xbox 360 games

here it is the top 10 most trafficked xbox 360 games

1. Madden NFL 06
2. project gotham racing
3.kameo: Elements of power
4. Call of Duty 2
5. Need for speed Most Wanted
6. Condemned: Criminal Origins
7. Perfect Dark Zero
8. NBA 2K6
9. NBA Live 06
10. Gun

have fun.


Free Video iPods said...

where'd u get this source from?

n3il89 said...

it is from g4m3fr34k but i believe it is from ign

it is the top list of games that have been viewed through ign

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free video ipods said...

oh, ok, and no thanks. I'm been EXTREMELY busy too.